I found my experience at Cambridge Centre Honda to be efficient, helpful, and educational. I not only found the car that I truly wanted for my family, but I also learned a lot about what I needed in a car. Our sales representative, Marty, was very patient, understanding, and helpful in finding all that we needed in the car that we wanted. He explained to us very well what kind of car Honda sells and makes, and that he was able to guarantee that we would be satisfied with our purchase. He was right. Safety was a big concern for me as I was a newlywed and wanted to have children right away. After a little over a year of purchasing our Honda Accord, my husband and I now have our son, and have found that the car we purchased has been so useful and so efficient. Not only is it awesome to look at, our car is super spacious. I have enough room to put all the things that our family needs while we travel. I never have to worry about who can fit in our car as there is so much legroom and everyone who sits in it feels very relaxed and comfortable. I feel comfortable in knowing that our car has amazing safety standards for my family. Other car dealerships that we went to prior to purchasing our Honda accord, only wanted to sell their cars for the look and feel of their cars, but never explained to us the safety features, and did not consider our budget. I felt like they were trying to only convince us that their car was the best, but didn’t have enough evidence to prove it. Because of the education that our sales representative, Marty, gave us at Cambridge Centre Honda, we were able to inform friends and family about our experience and also teach them what we learned when we bought our car. Before we knew it, we had friends and family that also wanted to purchase their new vehicle from Cambridge Centre Honda. My family and I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone who is interested in buying a safe and reliable vehicle.