A mix of snow and rain hit Montreal early Tuesday morning, making for difficult driving conditions.

Do you know how to handle your car on slippery winter roads?

CBC’s Jaela Bernstien went out for a spin with an instructor from Morty’s Driving School to get a lesson on what to do — and what not to do — when driving in dangerous wintry conditions.

Here are some helpful tips from Oren Preisler, a driving instructor and manager at Morty’s.

When your car slides or skids while turning:

  1. Don’t panic. Let it go. “The car at some point is going to regain traction and that’s when you’ve got to be ready to retake the wheel,” Preisler says.
  2. Ease off the brake pedal.
  3. Concentrate on steering into the direction of the skid until you feel traction again.
  4. Once you feel traction, gently steer back on track. Be careful to not over-correct.
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Getting out of a corner skid0:15

When your car spins and rolls backwards going uphill:

 1. Don’t panic.

2. Don’t floor the gas, or you’ll keep spinning.

3. Press the gas lightly until you regain traction, and then you can accelerate back to normal.

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Scariest winter driving moment?

Preisler says one of his scariest moments while driving in winter conditions happened when he passed a transport truck on the highway.

“Snow from the top of his truck landed right on my windshield … I couldn’t see for a few seconds. It was really. really scary.”

He suggests turning your wipers on high before passing a truck to prevent that from happening.

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Rule 1: Adjust speed to fit road conditions

  1. Don’t do anything sudden in slippery conditions. “Braking too fast, gas too fast will make you slide. Everything’s got to be in moderation,” Preisler says.
  2. Don’t go too fast. Adjust your speed to the road conditions.
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General advice: Slow down 0:40

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