There aren’t very many people who would argue against getting their vehicle repaired at the car dealership while it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. It just makes sense, because if there are any issues that pop up while you are in for your regular maintenance, we can handle them right away. And it’s no secret that the Honda dealership is the only place that can perform your Honda warranty repairs. But once your Honda’s warranty is expired, why should you keep coming back to the Honda dealership?

If you look down the street – almost any street – you’ll see 30-minute oil change shops on the street corner. They thrive on a person’s desire to quickly get in and get out so they can continue on with their day nearly uninterrupted. But is that what is best for you? And if you need work performed on your Honda, there are plenty of independent shops nearby that can do that as well. So why choose us, the Honda dealership?

1. You aren’t just another oil change to us. The way your vehicle operates, its reliability, and your satisfaction in your Honda are a great source of pride for us. We know you love your Honda and will want another when it comes time, and we want you to be happy with it while you own it. That’s why we perform the best Honda repairs and service you can find – we want you to come back to us for your next vehicle.

2. We have factory-trained technicians. That phrase is said with regularity and often isn’t totally true. Our Honda technicians truly are factory trained. They undergo rigorous coursework and testing – anywhere from 40 to 100 hours of training annually — to maintain the highest level of Honda certification, so every time you bring your Honda in for service or repairs, our staff will know how best to take care of your concern. Independent shops may eventually get the same results, but it will take longer and possibly more visits and more money to get there. They have to know a wide array of vehicles meaning their depth of Honda vehicle knowledge just isn’t the same. Technicians at independent repair shops may be good at what they do, but we are the BEST for Honda repairs and service.

3. We have Honda special tools. If you’ve ever tried using a wrench as a hammer, you know there’s a benefit to using the right tool for the job. Honda dealers invest thousands of dollars in specialized equipment so they can properly service and repair your Honda model. It’s equipment that isn’t even available to independent repair shops down the street! Those special tools make repairs quicker and more reliable.

4. We check your Honda for recalls. A recall is proof of a car manufacturer’s commitment to providing you with an excellent quality vehicle. When they discover a shortcoming, they commit to repairing it for you free of charge as part of a recall campaign. If you go anywhere else for servicing, they can’t check for applicable recalls for your vehicle, let alone perform the recall repairs. At our dealership, we check your vehicle for open, unperformed recalls every time you drive through our doors for any kind of maintenance or repairs. Every time. If there are any outstanding recalls, we’ll either do them on the same visit for you or schedule a time convenient for you to get them completed.

5. We know your maintenance schedule inside and out. Honda vehicles, as reliable as they are, require regular maintenance to keep operating dependably at all times. Our staff, from our service advisors and appointment coordinators to our technicians, know your maintenance schedule so they can properly advise you on keeping your Honda running and driving well. Other independent repair shops simply don’t know your vehicle like we do so crucial maintenance procedures can be missed, resulting in costly breakdowns. We can prevent that.

In addition, we use the specific grade of oils and fluids that your Honda needs to work at its best and live a long, happy life. Does the independent shop have the particular requirements for your Honda’s engine or are they using generic fluids? Do you really want to worry about that when you bring it in for service?

6. Servicing at the Honda dealership helps your resale value. Honda vehicles are constantly receiving additional technology and design changes as the industry morphs. We know you’ll eventually want to upgrade to a newer model, and servicing at the Honda dealership can help you hold better resale value when you do. If you’ve ever bought a used car, you’ll understand how much service records can mean to your comfort with the deal. If those records were from the dealership, it holds even more weight in proper servicing, and your buyer will be willing to pay a little more. Whether you are trading in your car or selling it privately, you’ll be helping yourself down the road when it comes time for a new Honda.

7. There’s nothing like Genuine Honda parts. Be on the lookout for words like “Quality Replacement Parts”, “LKQ”, or Genuine Imitation Parts” on your Honda repairs. These aren’t the real deal and they aren’t backed like a Honda part is. At the Honda dealer, we have access to the full catalogue of Genuine Honda parts for a truly reliable repair. We prove it too; every Honda part is backed by a one-year limited warranty when they are installed by the Honda dealer.

On top of all that, we want to see you back at the dealership because we love our customers! We love helping you get the most out of your Honda and want to see you back for your next Honda. At Cambridge Centre Honda, we do whatever it takes to make your customer experience the best it can be, and we’ve received the 2016 DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award to prove it.

So when it comes time for your Honda’s next service visit or repair, whether your Honda is still covered by warranty or not, see us at Cambridge Centre Honda. You’ll be glad you did.