Why Choose Synthetic Oil for your Honda?

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Learn the Benefits of Synthetic Oil at Cambridge Centre Honda

The most vital fluid in your Honda is the engine oil. Oil is essential for engine lubrication and heat dissipation throughout the engine of any vehicle. When you visit your local service department for an oil change, you’ll often be asked ‘regular or synthetic oil?’ and it’s important to know the difference between the two, and which one is right for you. While both options are acceptable for most Honda models, the benefits of synthetic oil outweigh conventional engine oil.

What Makes Synthetic Oil Better?

Synthetic motor oil begins by being broken down to eliminate contaminants, then the molecules of crude oil are transformed to achieve the desired effect. There are four primary reasons why synthetic motor oil outperforms its conventional equivalent.

  • Required for Turbocharged Engines: Smaller engines with turbochargers are used in modern automobiles to increase fuel economy and performance. This generates far more heat than typical, and synthetic oil is better suited for the job. The 2023 Civic Type R is a perfect example of this.
  • Increased Weather Protection: Extreme temperatures alter the physical qualities of engine oil, particularly conventional oil. However, synthetic oil is better equipped to preserve engines across a wider temperature range.
  • Better Engine Protection: Synthetic oil is just more durable than normal motor oil, as synthetic oil resists breakdown better and can increase the required maintenance interval since it does not degrade as rapidly.
  • Cleaner Engine: Conventional oil is notorious for leaving gunk in engines as it degrades. In truth, synthetic oil frequently contains detergents that can aid in the removal of sludge from an engine.

Should I Use Synthetic Oil in my Honda?

Primarily, you should always read and adhere to the maintenance guidelines outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s handbook. However, if your Honda has racked up a high odometer reading, it might be time to consider switching to synthetic to help preserve the life of your motor. As previously stated, synthetic motor oil provides long-lasting protection and may remove impurities. Speak to a Cambridge Centre Honda service technician for a professional opinion if you’re unsure.

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