Why Honda TrailSport Editions Are Great for Off-Roading


Our TrailSport editions have been meticulously crafted for adventure seekers like you, embodying a spirit of fearless exploration. These editions are purposefully engineered to conquer the great outdoors, with off-road-tuned suspension, sporty styling, and high-contrast stitching. These daring TrailSport models are now available on our most rugged and capable vehicles. These vehicles effortlessly navigate through rough landscapes, no matter how difficult the terrain. Even inclement weather is no match. Discover how Honda’s SUVs and trucks can boost your adventurous spirit, allowing you to embark on more daring and exhilarating journeys with complete confidence.

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Intelligent All-Wheel Drive Systems

Honda all-wheel-drive systems are engineered to effortlessly handle inclement weather, rough terrain, and large jobs, channeling available power where and when it is most needed. With the upcoming TrailSport editions, AWD capabilities will be expanded. Honda has two all-wheel-drive systems: Real Time AWD and intelligent Variable Torque ManagementTM (i-VTM4). Both systems can deliver instantaneous power to the rear wheels to improve overall stability, and the i-VTM4 system adds torque vectoring for improved side-to-side control.

Torque Vectoring

The i-VTM4 system improves traction on muddy, wet, and icy roads, and it can even improve dry-weather handling. It employs a pair of clutch packs, one for each rear wheel, that can be engaged independently to send variable amounts of torque to each rear wheel independently. If one of the rear wheels loses traction, the other compensates. When turning, the system also distributes torque to the outside rear wheel, allowing the Passport, Pilot, and Ridgeline to carve through corners more smoothly.

Intelligent Traction Management

  • Snow Mode: Snow mode sets the automatic transmission to start in second gear and adjusts the throttle for less pedal sensitivity to help minimize wheel slippage, especially when accelerating from a stop.
  • Mud Mode: In muddy driving conditions, maintaining momentum is critical. Mud mode delays upshifts for increased wheel torque and adjusts VSA to allow for more wheel slip to keep you moving.
  • Sand Mode: To minimize throttle delay while driving in soft sand, more aggressive pedal tuning is required. Upshifts are also delayed in Sand mode for increased wheel torque.

High-Strength Design

Honda SUVs and trucks, with independent multi-link suspensions, not only provide nimble handling and smooth rides, but they’re also built tough to withstand off-road conditions, making quick work of dirt and gravel.

What are the Available Honda TrailSport Models?

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