Honda Finally Adds Civic Models to Hybrid Lineup

A photo illustration of the new Honda Civic Hybrid.

When Will the Honda Civic Hybrid Be Available?

The Honda Civic is among the most prolific models ever produced. It has a half-century of history in Canada, with several million purchased across the country in that time. Fuel economy has long been one of the model’s hallmarks. Honda is finally taking the steps needed to expand on that legacy by introducing hybrid iteration. So, when will the Honda Civic Hybrid be available? According to the latest information we have access to, it will be available for sale or lease during the spring of 2024. 

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“Our HCM associates are extremely proud to be named the lead North America plant for the new, built in Canada, Civic Hybrid sedan,” Yoshiyuki Nakazawa, General Manager and Executive Vice President, HCM, said in a press release. “We are celebrating the historic production of our six millionth Civic this month and this new Civic Hybrid, which joins the CR-V Hybrid also built at HCM, will be an integral part of Honda’s global electrification plans as we continue to transition Canadian consumers to an electrified future.”

Which Civic Version Will be a Hybrid?

Honda produces the Civic in sedan, hatchback and high-performance versions. The sedan and hatchback models will be getting the hybrid equipment to start. Customers will get the opportunity to take the sedan hybrid home first. Production of the hatchback hybrid variant will begin later. 

Performance and efficiency specifications have not been released yet, but we will share them with you as soon as they are available. 

Why is Honda Making a Civic Hybrid?

Overall, our manufacturing partner has been making big strides in the areas of fuel economy and manufacturing sustainability. Currently, more than 35 percent of CR-V and Accord sales are of the hybrid variety, and nearly 20 percent of Honda sales across Canada are electrified or hybrids.

Honda has the goal of completely eliminating new vehicle gas-powered powertrains by 2040 and to be globally carbon neutral across its operations by 2050.

If you’re interested in starting the pre-ordering process for the new Honda Civic Hybrid, make an appointment with a Cambridge Centre Honda product expert, today.