What’s New in the Brand New 2022 Honda Civic

What’s New in the Brand New 2022 Honda Civic

The 2022 Honda Civic is finally here, with redesigns and improvements made across all sections of this capable and modern sedan.The brand new Civic has been designed to make the driving experience more enjoyable and safe for drivers and passengers alike, thanks to improved safety features, technology offerings, and exterior appearance updates. We’ve outlined the very best new features offered in the 2022 Honda Civic sedan, and you can read along with the team at Cambridge Centre Honda. Stay in touch with us here at our Ontario location, and be one of the first to drive this exciting new sedan.

Exterior Design


The face of the 2022 Civic has been revamped to not only look better, but perform better. The streamlined front fascia is enhanced by the large air dampener, which directs cool air to the engine and helps to keep temperatures of vital systems down. The improved airflow to the engine allows for overall better performance from the 2022 Civic, providing both style and function to the exterior improvements.


Headlights & Taillights

Complementing its bold new appearance, the redesigned headlights and taillights add a muscular signature to the new Civic. LED headlights are now standard on the 2022 Civic, leading the vehicle forward with a sleek yet strong style. Thanks to the athletic accent lines, your eyes will be lead the way back to the eye-catching tail lights.


Interior Design

Improved Technology

The convenience technology of the 2022 Civic has also been enhanced for this model year. The staple of the Civic’s interior, the 9” touchscreen display, has received improvements. A new User Interface leads to an easier experience while utilizing everything from Apple CarPlay&Android Auto, to the improved built-in navigation system, helping you get to where you need to go.

Cabin Layout

The physical layout of the Civic’s interior has been upgraded to make it more driver-centric and easier to access all the various buttons and controls. Additionally, the blind spots around the vehicle have been reduced thanks to the improved windshield design, which has sharp corners to create a clearer field of view.

Safety Features


Protecting you from every angle, the 2022 Civic has had its airbag system upgraded to provide even more coverage in the event of a collision. Now, coverage includes the rear side and knee areas, protecting them from impact for both driver and passenger.


Front Camera

A new front camera has been added to the Civic this year, which in turn allows for smarter responses to pedestrians and traffic ahead. Working in conjunction with the Collision Mitigation Braking System, your Civic will continue to assist in keeping you and your occupants safe.



Engine Horsepower

While the engine lineup for the 2022 Civic remains the same across all trims compared to last year, there has been one subtle improvement. The 1.5L Turbocharged engine found on the Civic Touring trim now offers 180 horsepower and 177lb-ft of torque, ensuring that your Civic has the power it needs to get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, there’s a lot of brand-new features to love about the 2022 Honda Civic. From bumper-to-bumper, you’ll enjoy a Civic experience like no other when you step behind the wheel of this sedan. When available, find your 2022 Civic sedan here at Cambridge Centre Honda, where you’ll find the best selection of Honda vehicles here in the Cambridge Ontario region. Stay in touch with us for when we have this exciting new model here at our dealership .