What’s New in the 2021 Honda Pilot?


The 2021 Honda Pilot is here, and Honda made significant improvements for all trim levels in this year’s iteration.New standard features were added for the Honda Pilot in 2021, including a 9-Speed Automatic Transmission and Dual-Zone Climate Control—as well as a brand-new, limited, special edition SE trim level. Honda was able to add great value to the 2021 Pilot lineup, while keeping the model affordable in comparison to the 2020 Pilot and other vehicles in its class.

Higher Performance

New 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

Honda has made its 9-Speed Automatic Transmission standard for all 2021 Pilot models, compared to only the higher-tier models in 2020. This new transmission unit provides stronger acceleration while maintaining excellent fuel-economy for its class. This improvement provides Honda Pilot drivers with an overall improved driving experience and smoother shifting, no matter the trim chosen.

Superior Technology

Paddle Shifters

The 2021 Honda Pilot comes equipped with standard steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, offering the driver a more engaging driving experience. Coupled with the standard 9-Speed Automatic Transmission, the paddle shifters allow the driver to make shifting decisions themselves while clearing the console area of an unnecessary gear shift lever.

Dual-Zone Climate Control

Dual-Zone Climate Control is now standard with the 2021 Honda Pilot lineup, enhancing the experience inside the vehicle for its occupants. Select a single cabin temperature, or split cabin temperatures between the Pilot’s Passenger and Driver sides. The Dual-Zone Climate Control also utilizes GPS tracking to adjust climate control in relation to the sun, ensuring your cabin remains at the temperature you set.

Automatic Start-Stop System

The 2021 Honda Pilot now comes standard with Honda’s Automatic Start-Stop System; when your vehicle comes to periods of extended rest, like at a traffic light, the engine will shut off to conserve fuel and re-start when you take your foot off the brake.This standard feature helps ensure you are being more friendly towards the environment, as well as your wallet!

A New Trim Edition

SE (Special Edition)

New for 2021, and only for a limited time, Honda has created a new trim level for the Pilot: the Honda Pilot SE. Featuring black 20-inch wheels, a foot-activated power tailgate, and wireless phone charging, this special edition Honda Pilot includes great features—without breaking the bank.

Better Value

2021 Honda Pilot Trim Prices

With all the new standard features added to the Honda Pilot lineup, Honda ensured that customers will be getting greater value compared to 2020 models. Price increases have been marginal for the amount of features added to the Honda Pilot, especially when compared to competitor vehicles in its segment. You can explore the starting prices for the different trim levels below:

  • LX – $44,256
  • EX – $46,556
  • EX-L Navi – $50,456
  • SE – $52,445
  • Touring 7P – $56,656
  • Touring 8P – $56,256
  • Black Edition – $58,156

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