What Does Honda Sensing Mean to Me?
As a progressive and innovative carmaker, Honda is constantly aiming to make your driving experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Drive any Honda and you’ll notice it right away. Exhilarating performance and nimble handling are evident in every Honda. Sometimes that innovation comes in forms you DON’T see. That’s precisely the case with the safety systems of Honda Sensing technologies.


Honda Sensing is made up of six technologies, all with the same focus: making your driving experience safer.
• Forward Collision Warning (FCW). A monocular camera and millimeter wave radar detect when you approach a vehicle with too much speed. An audio and visual alert grab your attention so you can respond quickly.
• Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). Using radar and camera technology, CMBS monitors traffic for an imminent collision. If one is detected and you don’t hit the brakes, CMBS applies the brakes hard to avoid the collision or minimize the impact.
• Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). With adaptive cruise control, you can set your vehicle to follow the vehicle ahead of you at a safe distance. ACC adjusts to match the speed of the vehicle ahead using radar and camera technology. It can also be set at to follow at different distances, from close to very long, and at a distance relative to the speed you are travelling. ACC helps eliminate the annoying cruise control adjustments required when driving in traffic.
• Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS). With input from a monocular camera by the rearview mirror, LKAS detects lane markings. If you drift outside of your lane without signaling, LKAS gently corrects your steering to keep you in your lane.
• Lane Departure Warning (LDW). If you begin to drift outside your lane without signaling, you’ll also receive a warning audibly and visually from LDW.
• Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM). If your Honda is about to leave the road, RDW uses steering and brake input to keep you on the straight and narrow. It also uses the monocular camera.
What does Honda Sensing mean to me?
Honda Sensing is a suite of safety systems. It’s designed to keep you on the road and out of harm’s way wherever you drive. Each technology performs a critical role and operates intuitively – behind the scenes – so you will only know it’s there in an emergency.
Honda Sensing also proves Honda’s commitment to excellence in safety and security for you and your passengers. You can rest assured that no matter what happens during your drive, there is no safer place to be than in a Honda.

For more information on Honda Sensing technologies or the Honda models that use them, contact the professional sales team at Cambridge Centre Honda.