My partner and I are first time car owners. We had done our research enough to know what essential features for both safety and functionality, and what our price point was going to be. We could have gone with a more budget brand and dealership but the 2015 Honda FIT stuck out in its class for both safety (e.g. better airbags, wider, convex mirrors which decreased the blind spot, etc.).

What struck us about the service at Cambridge Centre Honda was how well Tess Arpa, Paul Elias, and the whole team *listened* to our needs and found a vehicle, add-on and an insurance package that was right for us! There was absolutely no high pressure sales tactics taking place, and they were very invested in the relationship building. We felt so well taken care of, and valued as customers, and we still feel this way after having picked up our vehicle.

Our situation was a little unique when purchasing a car, and the whole team made the process seamless for us, even though we had to wait for our vehicle to arrive. We can certainly understand why these vehicles are in demand; they’re fantastic little cars that pack a big punch. 🙂

It was great that Honda has built a great relationship with our new insurance provider too. We’re excited to be learning more about our driving habits and environmental footprint through the voluntary program we signed up for to track our usage patterns and driving style. Given that we’re very confident that we’re skilled drivers (my partner and I drive for a living), this will only further help us reduce our environmental footprint and our insurance premiums.

I continue to encourage friends and family to check out this dealership, and was pleased to learn that consumer loyalty can also apply to family members — my Dad seemed quite intrigued by this, so maybe he’ll buy from Honda in the future as well. 🙂

Also — and this part is superb — this car fits *so* easily into the ever shrinking space to park around the urban areas — we literally never have to worry about it, and that’s a huge relief when parallel parking under pressured situations.

The big purchases in a person’s life can sometimes feel overwhelming, and I have to say that I was really touched that Tess especially seemed quite pleased to see us off in our new car. We trusted her demeanor and approach from the very beginning, and it was a very, very positive experience for us.

Thanks again!