To whom it may concern;

This long overdue email is in relation to service work that was done in February to my 2007 Honda CR-V.

As a quick background, in January my “service engine” light came on. I took the vehicle to Cambridge Centre Honda for this service – while this isn’t the closest Honda dealership to my residence, it is the one I visit regularly for service work on both my CR-V and my wife’s 2006 Civic whenever possible, as I greatly prefer the customer service at this dealership than others that are possibly even closer to my home.

At any rate, the initial service work appeared to indicate that the battery was weak and it was replaced, however when this didn’t solve the dash light issue, it was later learned that there were far more serious problems at hand. Eventually the Cambridge Centre Honda team discovered that the
problems were internal engine issues, and would run the course of a very significant and expensive repair.

Around this same point in time, I just wanted to point out that our family was dealing with the beginnings of some fairly significant health issues my wife was going through. She would eventually be hospitalized for a week, and off work for close to two months. I’m sure you can appreciate the
struggle the family was going through both mentally and financially.

To top this off, the warranty on our CR-V had recently expired. While we were still within the time period covered, we had gone over the mileage slightly.

Timing for auto repairs I’m sure is never “great”, however for my wife and I the timing could not have been worse.

I placed a call to Honda Canada customer service and your representative (John) was very helpful and understanding. While he didn’t promise any financial relief for this repair, he stated he would open a case and at least examine it. I’m certain it didn’t hurt our cause that we had purchased 3 Honda new vehicles in a one-year span between our two, plus my mother’s 2006 Accord. I’ve always been very vocal about Honda’s build and reliability and customer service track record when speaking of why we bought 3 in such a short time to anyone interested.

I want to take a minute to praise Cambridge Centre Honda at this time, and in particular – service manager Jeff Westrop and advisor Carolyn DuMoulin.It takes a fine person and exceptional communication skills to be able to deliver bad news as well as they did, but their commitment to customer service in this whole ordeal went WAY beyond ordinary. First, by offering to speak with Honda Canada to see what could be done to help, and secondly by offering up a vehicle – Jeff’s own service CR-V – for as long as it took to repair my own. Needless to say, for a family of 4 with an ill parent, and commitments to school, hockey, and all kinds of extra curricular things, this was absolutely a huge support from the dealer. In all our discussions and conversations, by telephone or in person, these individuals really did ad admirable job of representing themselves, Cambridge Centre
Honda, and Honda as a whole in the very finest manner. They made it very difficult for a customer facing a huge repair bill to be upset – not an easy thing to do. My honest and heartfelt thanks go to both of them.

But at the end of the day, I need to thank Honda Canada, for offering to back me, the customer, and pay for a large chunk of the repair work.Without this out-of-warranty support, I don’t know if we would have been able to repair the vehicle at a time we were without one income.

Truly, this commitment to customer service and satisfaction is exemplary, and shows why Honda has the reputation and customer loyalty it does. It reassures me that my own dedication to the brand has been well placed.

For your help in a time of need, I and my family thank you. Your support did not go without full appreciation, despite the delay in sending this email. Today my wife has returned to work when possible and is starting to make inroads towards recovery we hope. Our deepest gratitude goes to Honda Canada, Cambridge Centre Honda and all involved in this “ordeal”. In a day and age where corners are cut and financial cutbacks are the norm more and more, to see a company and a dealership go the extra mile for a customer out of warranty is truly something very special.

Our heartfelt thanks to all.