Sell Us Your Vehicle in Cambridge, Ontario

When it’s time to consider selling your vehicle, save yourself from the stress of listing privately, and talk to us at Cambridge Centre Honda. We’re always interested in expanding our robust Used Vehicle inventory, and ready to provide you with a fair market appraisal and offer of your current model. As long as your vehicle is in good condition, we’ll happily consider any make and model you bring to us. Make selling your used vehicle as simple as possible thanks to our streamlined process here at Cambridge Centre Honda, your premier destination for used vehicles in Cambridge, Ontario.

Why Sell Your Vehicle to Cambridge Centre Honda?

We’ll Buy Any Brand & Model

Just because we have Honda in our name doesn’t mean we’re only looking for our own brand! We’ll happily purchase any vehicle brand you’re looking to sell, as long as it’s in good condition. Come visit our Cambridge dealership today with the car or SUV you’d like to sell, so that we can continue to provide an exceptional used inventory for our customers, and you can receive great value for your vehicle.




You Don’t Have to Buy One of Ours

Don’t feel obligated to buy one of our vehicles when you’re selling us your current model. Our buying process is completely zero-obligation, so you can trust that our representatives won’t push you towards our inventory if you’re not interested. If you would like to consider a trade-in towards a new model from our lot, we’re happy to help in that case! Ultimately, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a fair deal no matter what on your vehicle.




Time & Convenience

We’re an upfront dealership that is committed to closing our deals quickly and efficiently, with minimal stress on your end. When selling your vehicle to Cambridge Centre Honda, we’ll handle all the inspection work and necessary steps for you to sell your vehicle. Best of all, we’re the only people you need to talk to, so you don’t have to meet with multiple parties before finding a buyer.




Save on Taxes

The tax advantage is tremendous for purchasing a new vehicle when you trade in your current model, as you’ll only pay tax on the difference in value! Instead of paying tax on the full sticker price of the vehicle you want to buy, you’ll only pay tax on the sticker price minus the value of your trade-in! For example: if the vehicle you want to buy is listed at $20,000, and your trade-in is worth $5,000, you’ll only need to pay tax on the outstanding $15,000.




How to Start the Process?


Step 1: Bring in Your Used Vehicle

For us to provide you with a fair and accurate appraisal of your vehicle, you’ll have to bring it in so our technicians can inspect it and make note of any damage or wear-and-tear. Our process aims to be as transparent as possible, and we’ll fully disclose the amount that your vehicle is currently worth, as well as the amount still remaining on any new vehicle you wish to purchase (if applicable).

Step 2: Get Your Free Appraisal

Once you bring in your vehicle, our team will utilize our advanced tools to appraise your vehicle, as well as the vehicle’s CARFAX report to learn more about any potential accident history. We’ll also check the exterior paint job to determine if the same factory paint is on the model, or if third-party paint or modifications have been added to any part of the body. Once our appraisal is complete, we’ll immediately provide you the full detailed breakdown on why your vehicle is valued at that price point.

Step 3: Secure Your Cash Payment or Trade

If you’re comfortable with the appraised value of the vehicle once we’ve finished inspection, we’ll be pleased to make a deal with you as soon as possible to put cash right in your wallet. If you’d prefer, you can also utilize the appraised value towards a brand-new model right off our New Inventory lot here at Cambridge Centre Honda. No matter your choice, you can trust that you’ll receive your compensation through us faster than anywhere else you could sell your car.

Estimate My Vehicle’s Value

Book your appointment with us today, and quickly secure cash-in-hand for your car or SUV as soon as possible from us here at Cambridge Centre Honda. Our simplified process makes dealing with us a smooth transaction, and allows you to save valuable time during what can be an otherwise stressful experience. We look forward to seeing you here at our Cambridge, Ontario dealership for everything you need relating to your used vehicle.