Sell Us Your Vehicle

Sell us your car, even if you don't want to trade it in!

Why trade your vehicle in at Cambridge Centre Honda?

We believe that buying and owning a car should be easy, enjoyable and transparent. 

We fully disclose the amount that you will receive for your trade as well as the amount you will pay for a newly purchased vehicle.

To get an accurate appraisal quote of your vehicle please contact one of our Sales Managers at (519) 623-5991, email us at or visit us in person at the dealership.

We believe in doing our due diligence to ensure the value of your trade is both accurate and fair to all parties involved.

Pros of selling us your vehicle:

  • Time and convenience
  • If you like the idea of driving a car to a dealership, handing over the keys and having everything else taken care of, then trading in is for you. 
  • We will handle everything. 
  • You don't have to worry about supplying a safety certificate, emissions test or go through the many hassles of selling your car privately.
  • Trade in value is applied towards the price of your next new vehicle


Trading in your vehicle is most beneficial if you plan on purchasing a new vehicle directly. 

There is a significant tax savings when you trade in your vehicle, because you will only be required to pay taxes on the price difference between the old car and the new car. 

For example, if your trade in car is valued at $10,000 and the price of the new car you wish to purchase is $20,000 you will only have to pay tax on the $10,000 price difference.

To get started with the Trade-In process please fill out the online vehicle appraisal form below: