Reasons to Lease

Reasons to Lease

Have you been unsure about leasing a vehicle? Do you wonder if there is any value in leasing your next Honda? You’re not alone. While leasing may not be for everyone, it is an option that is more attractive now than ever, and is applicable to a much wider crowd.

Consider these 13 reasons why leasing might be a good choice for you:

1. You always have the option drive a new Honda. When you lease your Honda, it’s never long until you can get behind the wheel of the latest release. Whether it’s the Accord or the Ridgeline, Honda leases let you be seen in the latest model all the time. If you enjoy the looks you get when you drive a new car, this might be your reason to lease a Honda.

2. You get the best technology and safety equipment. New vehicles are constantly improving, particularly with safety equipment such as Honda Sensing, a driver-centric suite of enhanced safety features. Tech advances like HondaLink and satellite-linked navigation elevate your driving experience. When you lease, your next vehicle is always a step forward with safety and technology.

3. Avoid high maintenance costs. When you lease, you avoid costly maintenance items that are required at higher mileage because you always have the option to drive a new car. Services like timing belt replacement, transmission services, and even brake replacement are seldom required during a leasing period, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

4. Leases are transferable. Is your current life status going to change? Are you getting married or adding a little one to the family? You never know what might happen in the future, but with a Honda lease, you can always be ready. If your vehicle unexpectedly doesn’t fit what you need, your lease can be transferred to a friend, family member, or complete stranger with ease so you can lease the Honda that you need.

5. Leases are smart for business. A vehicle leased for company purposes may be easily written off as a business expense, even if you use it as a personal vehicle as well. Not only can you write off a portion of your lease payments but a portion of your fuel, registration costs, and insurance qualify as well!

6. Flexible residuals. If you know that you don’t drive much, you can choose a lease term with a lower mileage allowance which has a higher residual value. Or if you expect to rack up the mileage, you can choose a term with a higher mileage allowance that has a lower residual. Lease terms are flexible according to your vehicle usage, unlike vehicle finance payments, which makes it easy to pay for only the part of the vehicle you actually use.

7. Lower payments. Leasing a vehicle usually means lower payment options than financing. So if you are someone who likes to drive a vehicle that’s slightly above their means, leasing is an excellent option. If you’re curious how so many people can afford to drive a new Pilot or CR-V, it’s because of the lower payments of leasing. Because you’re only borrowing the portion of the vehicle you’re going to use – not the whole vehicle, like financing – financial institutions are more comfortable with leases.

8. Flexible terms. Leases range from 24 months to 60 months. With that kind of flexibility, virtually all drivers can find a lease term that suits their needs. Whether you drive a little or a lot, want a new vehicle every two years or five years, and everything in between, there’s a leasing option that works for you.

9. Leases are easy to get into. The requirements for leasing a vehicle are very similar to those you need to finance a car. For your convenience, we have finance professionals who are able to help you assess your suitability for leasing. In most cases, if you can finance a car, you can get into a lease as well.

10. You get more car for the money. If you have a set car budget, you can get the most bang for your buck with leasing. Because of competitive interest rates on leases, the flexible terms that are offered, and with payments lower than financing, you can lease a more premium vehicle than you’d be able to buy.

11. Initial costs are lower. Typically, you can get into a lease with no down payment (or a small one) and your payments are lower than financing. As a bonus, you only pay tax on the portion of the car you lease, not the whole thing, keeping the cost of leasing even lower.

12. You get peace of mind. When you lease a Honda, you can rest easy knowing you’re driving the most reliable, long-lasting vehicle on the market, combined with the financial flexibility of leasing. You can ensure your lease is covered by warranty during its whole term with convenient Honda Plus Extended Warranty, which you can wrap into your lease payment as well.

13. If you love it, you can keep it. If you decide during your lease that you simply don’t want to part with your Honda, you have the option to buy it out. Our finance managers can help you find the best option to buy out your lease so you can enjoy your Honda for years to come.

If you would like more information on which lease is right for you, call us or drop in today! Our professional sales consultants are here to make your Honda ownership experience as easy and comfortable as possible.