How to Protect Your Vehicle From Theft in Cambridge, Ontario

Unfortunately for us in Cambridge and across Ontario, vehicle theft and break-ins are on the rise. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, one vehicle is stolen every 6 minutes across Canada, and approximately 80,000 vehicles have been stolen over the past year. With thieves becoming more organized, well-equipped, and tech-savvy, car owners are more at risk than ever before to be the targets of theft. As Honda Civics and CR-Vs are some of the most reliable, and most commonly-driven vehicles on the roads today, they happen to be some of the most targeted models. Read on to learn how you can protect your vehicle from theft with our simple tips.


Utilize Anti-Theft Accessories

There are several available anti-theft tools that you can use to help protect your vehicle. When your vehicle is not parked in a secure location, consider using a steering wheel lock to prevent your wheel from being turned. Additionally, we recommend keeping your car keys in a Faraday pouch, a specialized bag that blocks the signal from your fob that can be hijacked to unlock your vehicle. Check out our Parts & Accessories Department to see if we can order these protective tools for you.

Park In Secure Locations

When possible, it’s always recommended to park your car in protected areas secure from potential thieves. Inside a locked garage is always the best protected area to park your vehicle and protect your belongings. While we know that not everyone has a garage to park in, parking in a well-lit area with a home security camera can also be a great help in deterring theft.



Install a Tracker

While a tracker may not exactly deter theft, installing a tracker on your vehicle can help you easily locate it in the event of vehicle theft. Third-party trackers send data to police or another other monitoring service, so you can easily access the information when you need it most.

Lock Doors & Remove Valuables

While it may seem like the most obvious tip we can provide, it is extremely important to always remember to remove valuables from your car and lock your doors. Items or bags should be secured in the trunk of your car, or under your seats, rather than left out in view on the seats. This is especially important to remember when parking your car near public spaces or heavily-trafficked areas/parking lots.


At Cambridge Centre Honda, our Service Department, and Parts & Accessories team are here to ensure your car’s security systems are fully functional to keep it secure. To explore your options regarding additional protective measures, connect with our Parts & Accessories team to see what we can provide you with and install on your vehicle. Book your appointment here with us today to get started.

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