How to Optimize Your Vehicle For Summer Driving


As spring gives way to summer, it’s critical to make sure your vehicle is ready for a season of road trips and adventures. The icy grip of winter and the impending sweltering heat of summer can be taxing on your vehicle. You can improve your vehicle’s reliability and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns by proactively preparing it for rising temperatures. To help you with this endeavour, here are five invaluable tips on how to prepare your car for summer driving, as well as essential maintenance insights that will help keep your vehicle in top condition.

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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer in Cambridge, Ontario

Test Your Car Battery

Following a long, frosty winter, the battery and its connections in your vehicle frequently experience significant strain. Prior to the arrival of summer, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly inspect your car battery to determine its remaining lifespan for the upcoming driving season. In addition, inspect the battery connections to ensure they are securely fastened to the terminals.

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Check Your Fluids

The freezing temperatures of winter can have an effect on the fluid levels in your vehicle. As summer approaches, it is prudent to inspect and replenish all fluid levels in your vehicle. Check each fluid to ensure that it is at the recommended level, topping off any that need to be replenished. 

Check Your Brakes

As you prepare to hit the road this summer, prioritize a thorough brake inspection, given the toll they may have taken during winter driving. The rotors and pads are among the brake components that should be examined. It is critical to ensure that these elements function properly and are in good condition. Avoid potential problems and maintain optimal braking performance by having your car’s brakes thoroughly checked before embarking on summer travels.


Change Your Tires

Don’t waste your winter tire treads on summer pavement. Switch to all-season or summer tires when driving on bare pavement in temperatures greater than 7 degrees celsius. Visit Cambridge Centre Honda’s Tire Centre if you’re in need of a new set of summer wheels.

Change your Wipers

The wintry assault of snow and ice can cause permanent damage to your windshield wipers. As a result, prior to the arrival of summer, it is prudent to thoroughly inspect the condition of your wipers. Examine their overall condition, and if any signs of wear or deterioration are found, seize this opportunity to replace them.

Be better prepared for summer driving with a routine maintenance checkup on your Honda vehicle with our technicians at Cambridge Centre Honda. Visit our Cambridge car service shop for all your Honda vehicle maintenance needs. Book your appointment today.