New Vehicle Buying Guide

Making the choice to buy your next new vehicle is a significant financial decision for any buyer. Fortunately, for new vehicle shoppers in the Cambridge area, Cambridge Centre Honda is your new vehicle destination that has every resource you need to make a smart and sound financial decision. Read on through our comprehensive buyers guide for new vehicles, and find your next vehicle at Cambridge Centre Honda. Our Cambridge new vehicle dealership has the Honda models to fit the needs of your lifestyle, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to explore our inventory.

1. Determine Your Budget

The first step in purchasing any vehicle, be it a used model or brand new car, truck, or SUV, is to determine the appropriate amount you can afford to pay on a monthly basis or lump-sum cash payment for said vehicle. Also, consider total ownership costs as well, which include an estimate of maintenance costs, fuel costs, insurance, etc. Once you’ve comfortably settled on a budget, you can now begin to look for what vehicles interest you.



2. Research Vehicles

Finding a vehicle you like is the most obvious step of the new vehicle buying process, however not everyone goes about it in an optimal manner. While you may have one or two different vehicles in mind, you may be neglecting to learn more about other models you haven’t even considered. At Cambridge Centre Honda, we offer a comprehensive model overview of all our Honda models, so you can explore every Honda vehicle and see which ones you’re interested in.





3. Secure Your Auto Financing

For the majority of new car buyers, auto financing loans are the path to new vehicle ownership. When you shop at Cambridge Centre Honda, we can help you find the right financial solution at our in-house financing department. Our financing team will help you craft an auto financing plan that works for you and your budget, so you can get behind the wheel of your brand new Honda vehicle.




4. Find Your Vehicle

There’s no better place to find a new Honda vehicle in Cambridge and surrounding areas than Cambridge Centre Honda. We have a great selection of new Honda SUVs and cars, so you’re certain to find a model that works for you and your family. Check out our new Honda vehicles at our Cambridge dealership, today, and take our models for a test drive.




5. Test Drive & Inspect

Once you’ve found the vehicle you desire, be sure to take it for a test drive through Cambridge so you can have a better feel for its handling, comfort, and control. With our brand-new Honda vehicles, you can trust that our inventory is in mint mechanical condition, and is turn-key ready for you to take out and enjoy on daily commutes, or longer Ontario road trips.

6. Complete Your Deal

When you have completed all the above steps, you can complete your deal and fully enjoy the benefits of Honda vehicle ownership. We’ll give you the keys to your new Honda, and you can enjoy life in Cambridge and across the rest of Ontario. For long-term care, we also offer maintenance programs for Honda vehicles to keep your new vehicle on the road for the long-term. Talk to our service department advisors to learn more details.



7. Get Your Insurance

Don’t forget to get your proper insurance coverage for your vehicle, as you’ll need it for when you come to pick up the keys for your new Honda vehicle. Fortunately, with our new vehicles, you’ll enjoy standard warranty coverage from Honda Canada, while we also offer additional protection packages. Speak to our advisors to learn more about your eligibility for warranty coverage.



That’s our comprehensive step-by-step guide for buying a new vehicle at Cambridge Centre Honda, and you can find your next vehicle right here at our Cambridge dealership. Our dealership has a great selection of new and used vehicles, so there’s plenty of options to fit your lifestyle. We’re your go-to destination for everything Honda sales, service, and financing in the Cambridge region, so visit our dealership, today, to get started!