I am not from Cambridge,ON. although I came to this dealership to purchase a new CRV vehicle due to the opinions I have heard about them in the media. Indeed they are great people. Most of all, they are honest. When negotiating the price of the new vehicle I have asked Rick Ayers for the invoice price. He, without any hesitation, has pulled out an invoice revealing the MSRP and the Invoice pricing. Still in doubt, checked at home the invoice pricing, and to my surprise, the online and Rick’s numbers have matched to the last penny! So, from there haggling over the price became nice an easy. A while later, after Rick presented us with some additional accessories I became a one happy owner of the 2012 Honda CRV! Another thing, I was even given a $500.00 break on the purchase of the Extended Warranty. Thank you Michael Krause!

There was also something that has happened on my behalf that I am a not too proud to mention , although it was handled perfectly by Rick Ayers, so we did not have to face embarrassment, and for that I would like apologize and thank you kind sir.

Would I recommend this dealership to a friend?? Absolutely, I would recommend it to my friend!