Leasing From Honda

Leasing From Honda

If you enjoy driving a new vehicle every two to four years, want lower monthly payments, protection under warranty, and drive an average number of kilometers, then you should consider lease as an option.

Leasing is like renting, you only pay for what you use. Payments are based on the difference between the lease end value and the vehicle cost plus lease finance charges. Taxes will be included in the monthly payment rather than the full cost of the vehicle.

Maturity Options

Option 1: Return your vehicle to Cambridge Centre Honda and lease or purchase a new Honda vehicle.

Option 2: Schedule an appointment with Cambridge Centre Honda to return your Honda vehicle.

Option 3: Purchase your existing Honda vehicle for the remaining amount shown on your lease contract.

What happens when my lease is coming to its maturity date?

As your lease reaches maturity, we’ll be in contact with you to walk you through the simple steps to complete your lease.

The Honda Lease Care Guide is a simple reference tool that will address any questions that might arise during the course of your lease. Click image below.