Importance of Oil Change Maintenance

car coolant service in engine

One of the most common routine maintenance performed for your Honda vehicle, oil changes are incredibly important to stay on top of, as they have a direct impact on the long term health of your vehicle’s engine. While this may be considered common knowledge, many car owners often neglect to change their vehicle’s oil in regular intervals. It’s essential to pay attention to your vehicle's oil change schedule, as that can help extend the life of your vehicle, and keep it running in tip-top condition. For an oil change in Cambridge, Ontario, trust our experts here at Cambridge Centre Honda.

Reasons You Should Change Your Oil

Improved Gas Mileage

By keeping your engine running as smoothly as possible, your engine in turn will be more efficient in the consumption of fuel. Regular oil changes, or higher-quality Synthetic oil can ensure that your vehicle is running to the expected fuel economy as best as possible. While drivers may be forgetful with their oil changes, making less stops at the pumps certainly is an incentivizing factors.

Reduce Engine Wear

Oil flowing through your engine helps eliminate dirt and grit build-up throughout your drivetrain. Too much debris in your engine can lead to sludge that may (eventually) lead to catastrophic engine failure, and a hefty repair bill for you. A clean engine is a smooth-running engine.

Longer Engine Life

Consistent oil changes will extend the life of your engine, providing your car with more value. With better gas mileage, proper engine lubrication, and the prevention of sludge and dirt particles, your engine is sure to last for a long time. While you can’t always prevent the problems that occur within a vehicle, you can definitely help to ensure that your vehicle’s engine life is extended with continuous oil changes.

Prevent Engine Overheating

To keep your car running efficiently, your engine will produce a lot of heat. While engine heat is very normal, you never want your engine to overheat. Without proper oil changes, your engine is more susceptible to overheating, regardless of the levels of coolant you have in your vehicle.

As you hopefully now know, oil changes are extremely important for the long-term health and value of your vehicle. To stay up-to-date on your maintenance, talk to our service advisors here at Cambridge Centre Honda. Book your appointment today, and let us help keep your vehicle running as smooth as possible for the long-term.