The dog days of summer turn to crisp autumn weather before you know it. Then, the chilly blast of Old Man Winter brings an early snowstorm. You find yourself sliding around on the slippery roads, missing your turn and blowing through stop signs. It’s because your tires don’t have any tread left, and you haven’t done anything about it yet.

If your tires are worn out, there’s no going back. You need to have them replaced, but you can help them last longer next time with a few routine actions.

Check your tire pressures

While “set it and forget it” works for your crockpot, it’s not good for your tires. Your tire pressures should be checked and adjusted every month at least, and when the weather changes. Temperature fluctuations between summer and winter can affect your tire pressure by 7 PSI or more. That means that your tires are probably under or overinflated if you haven’t checked them. Improper inflation can increase your tire wear – 5PSI too much air can reduce your tire life up to 25 percent!

Rotate your tires

Your tires wear the most on your drive wheels. On front wheel drive vehicles, that’s the front tires, and on rear wheel drive, well, you get the idea. Left alone, you’ll wear the tread off of your drive wheels at more than twice the rate of the non-drive wheels. Rotating your tires means even wear on all four tires so you have the optimal traction for as long as possible.

Get a wheel alignment

Nothing destroys your tires faster than improper wheel alignment. It can be something as simple as driving over a pothole just right or bumping a curb with your tire that sets it out of alignment. Yet, something so seemingly harmless can mean you’re spending hundreds of dollars on new tires way too soon. If your steering wheel is pulling in either direction when you drive, your steering wheel shakes, or you notice uneven or excessive wear on your tires, you need a wheel alignment. Make a wheel alignment part of your annual vehicle services so you can make your tires last as long as possible.

Does your Honda need new tires? Do you have symptoms of improper wheel alignment? Or do you need tire services performed on your vehicle? See the tire experts at Cambridge Centre Honda to get your tires looked after today.