Honda Maintenance Minder Codes

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Understanding the Maintenance Minder System

  • Symbols
  • Numbers
  • Messages
  • A – Indicates engine oil should be replaced.
  • B – Indicates engine oil and filter should be replaced. Inspections of various systems and components should also be done. Front and rear brake service is needed. See your owner’s manual for additional details.

1 – Rotate tires, verify correct tire pressure and condition.

2 – Replace air cleaner element, inspect drive belt, and replace dust and pollen filter.

3 – Replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped).

4 – Replace spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), inspect water pump, and inspect valve clearance.

5 – Replace engine coolant.

6 – Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped).

7 – Replace brake fluid.

9 - Front and rear brake service


Oil Life 15% – Service is due soon. Now is a great time to schedule an appointment with Cambridge Centre Honda for scheduled maintenance services.

Oil Life 5% – Service is due now. As soon as possible, you should take your vehicle to Cambridge Centre Honda for scheduled maintenance.

Oil Life 0% – Service is past due. You will also see a mileage readout which indicates how far overdue you are for service. To avoid harmful wear or damage, take your vehicle in for service now.

Benefits Of Following The Schedule
  • Continued reliability
  • Extended vehicle life
  • Continued warranty coverage
  • Improved resale value
  • No unnecessary wasted natural resources (oil)
  • No unnecessary hazardous materials that will require proper disposal (oil and filters)
  • No unnecessary wasted natural resources (oil)

Since the Maintenance Minder is far from just an oil change indicator, following the suggested services provides numerous benefits which both you and your vehicle will appreciate.

Using the Maintenance Minder for completing oil changes ensures that your engine continues to provide the performance you’ve come to expect. Taking the guesswork out of oil change intervals, the system also eliminates unnecessary waste from changing your oil too frequently. As a bonus, you’ll drive with peace of mind from knowing you’re also helping our environment.