Commuting in a Honda

Whether you’re looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle to get you to and from work to reduce your carbon footprint or to save money, Honda vehicles boast amazing fuel ratings. The Honda lineup includes a variety of fully electric, hybrid and gasoline powered vehicles to cater to the needs of any driver. Honda has always been committed to reducing emissions from our products and manufacturing and believe you should know how the products you buy could impact your carbon footprint.

To further increase efficiency, Honda vehicles come equipped with the Eco Assist™ system and ECON mode. Get more out of every litre with the available ECON mode button. When you press it, the engine and other non-essential functions are adjusted to help reduce fuel consumption, so you can spend more time on road. It’s easy to drive efficiently with the Eco Assist system. It coaches you to drive more efficiently by using coloured lights on either side of the speedometer to show your efficiency, so all you have to do is stay in the green to help get the most out of your tank.

Below we have ranked each model based on their fuel economy beginning with the most fuel-efficient model in the 2020 Honda lineup, the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

1. Clarity Plug-in Hybrid

Whoever said an eco-conscience came with compromise was sorely mistaken. This advanced plug-in hybrid vehicle lets you tap into electric power alongside the gas engine to create extra efficiency. The Clarity has a class-leading, all-electric, zero-emission range (AER) of up to 76 km. While a combined electric/hybrid driving range of up to 547 km, the Clarity provides plenty of battery for your daily commute. In addition, Hybrid (HV) mode can be selected in conjunction with any of the three driving modes – Normal, ECON, and Sport – in order to help maintain the battery’s state of charge.

  2. Insight Hybrid

The Insight helps soothe your eco-conscience with a hybrid powertrain that has been engineered to produce impressive fuel economy ratings. The Insight features an electric-continuously variable transmission (E-CVT) system to create a symbiotic relationship between the electric motors and gasoline engine. By switching to EV mode, you can cut out CO2 and drive short distances fully electric. And to help nurse fuel during normal driving, ECON mode has you covered.

3. Accord Hybrid

The innovative third-generation two-motor hybrid powertrain delivers top-class fuel economy ratings, making the Accord Hybrid the smartest Accord to date. Blending style, efficiency and a serious amount of thrill, the Accord Hybrid makes environmental responsibility feel almost rebellious. Combining a lithium-ion battery with a 2.0-litre engine, the Hybrid lets you go more and stop less on the way.

4. Fit

The Honda Fit is designed to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining practicality and performance. It does this with an i-VTEC® engine, which improves performance at high RPM, and reduces fuel consumption at low RPM. The Fit also comes with the high-efficiency ECON mode on trims with CVT. Put some serious distance between gas stations, the Fit boasts impressive fuel economy ratings, so there are fewer stops along the way.

5. Civic Sedan

The 2020 Civic Sedan is powered by Earth Dreams™ technology to optimize both efficiency and performance. It also helps reduce your own carbon footprint with the Eco Assist system, which displays the efficiency of your driving in real time. And with the press of a button, switch into high-efficiency ECON mode. Aside from its fuel-efficient engine, the Civic is equipped with features to enhance the driving experience for commuters, including available leather-trimmed seating surfaces, the Honda Sensing technologies, illuminated steering wheel mounted controls and much more

6. Accord Sedan

Among family sedans, the Accord is highly-awarded for its efficiency, practicality, and genuine fun drive. Inside the Accord, the driver is surrounded with an abundance of style, comfort and functionality to make your commute more enjoyable, including Head-Up Display, heated and ventilated seats, heated leather wrapped steering wheel and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto™.

7. CR-V

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) offers a wide ratio range for the driving conditions, to help provide a natural-feeling drive with efficiency in mind. On top of that, to reduce unnecessary emissions, the 2020 CR-V is equipped with Idle Stop, which automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle is stopped for more than 2 seconds. When you release the brake, the engine automatically restarts.

8. HR-V

The available Real Time AWD™ keeps your confidence levels high, in practically any conditions. The 1.8 litre, i-VTEC® 4-clyinder engine, combined with Honda’s Eco Assist system, is designed to keep your ride as efficient as it is smooth, while the available steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters bring the drive of your life right to your fingertips. If you thought it was a dream to have a spirited drive and practicality, then things just got real.

9. Odyssey

Fuel efficiency is at the heart of the Odyssey, with a direct-injection engine that burns fuel more efficiently than other engine types. And it comes with features designed to further reduce your carbon footprint, like the high-efficiency ECON mode, Eco Assist system, and Honda’s idle-stop system. The standard heated front seats, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and available Sirius XM satellite radio and auto on/off LED headlights (high and low beam) features will be sure to make any driver’s commute more comfortable and enjoyable.

10. Passport

As you explore the planet, do more to help maintain it in the Passport. The Passport features our Eco Assist system, ECON mode, idle-stop and Variable Cylinder Management® to help ensure you spend more time adventuring, and less time at the pump. Additionally, to promote enhanced safety and efficiency, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) continually checks the air pressure in each tire. If pressure drops in any tire, the driver receives a dashboard alert.

11. Pilot

Journeyers, meet the 2020 Pilot – the Honda paragon of utility and efficiency. Equipped with the Earth Dreams engine and available idle-stop, the Pilot is as smart as it is stylish. The Pilot engine also includes a Variable Cylinder Management® system, which deactivates engine cylinders in certain driving conditions to help improve fuel economy. Available amenities include a panoramic moonroof, wireless phone charger, rain-sensing wipers, heated seating, auto-dimming/power folding side mirrors, and heated steering wheel all create a relaxing driving experience for commuters.

12. Ridgeline

Whether you’re tackling endless DIY projects, powering through your 9 to 5 or hauling the family to the cottage, the Ridgeline is right there by your side. The Ridgeline offers you more pick up, with less stops. When you breeze past gas stations, you’ll smile knowing it picked up segment-leading NR-CAN fuel economy ratings for AWD/4WD gas powered trucks. It achieves this with high-efficiency technology like a direct-injected i-VTEC® engine. Plus, switch into ECON mode fore even greater efficiency at the press of a button.

Fuel Economy (City/Hwy/Combined per 100 km)

Model CO2 Rating


LX EX Sport EX-L EX-L Navi Touring /

Black Edition

Fit (CVT) 174 7.0/5.9/6.5 7.6/6.5/7.0 7.6/6.5/7.0




Civic Sedan 186 7.9/6.1/7.1 7.9/6.1/7.1 8.2/6.5/7.4



Accord (CVT) 170 7.9/6.3/7.2


8.2/6.8/7.6 7.9/6.3/7.2


Accord Hybrid 117 5.0/5.0/5.0





Insight Hybrid 115 TBD





Clarity Hybrid 36 2.1 (electric)






2.1 (electric)





181 8.8/7.5/8.2





CR-V (AWD) 180 8.7/7.4/8.1


8.7/7.4/8.1 8.7/7.4/8.1


Passport 265 12.5/9.8/11.3 12.5/9.8/11.3
Pilot 266 13.0/9.3/11.3 13.0/9.3/11.3 13.0/9.3/11.3 12.4/9.3/11.0
Ridgeline 269 12.6/10.0/11.4 12.6/10.0/11.4 12.6/10.0/11.4
Odyssey 248 12.2/8.5/10.6 12.2/8.5/10.6 12.2/8.5/10.6 12.2/8.5/10.6 12.2/8.5/10.6

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