What to Check When Buying a Used Honda CR-V


The Honda CR-V has been one of Canada’s most trusted SUVs for the past decade, so it’s no wonder it’s also one of the most popular used vehicle models across the country. Although the CR-V is truly a reliable SUV, buyers should still be doing their due-diligence when looking to purchase a previously owned CR-V model. Here at Cambridge Centre Honda, all our used vehicle inventory has been thoroughly inspected to ensure that the vehicle you’re getting is ready to be driven. While our inventory is thoroughly tested before going on our lot, read on to learn more about what you can do to ensure you’re getting a great value vehicle, without any financial pitfalls down the road.


Check the Tires

One of the easiest things to check when you’re shopping for a used CR-V are the tires and brakes of the vehicle. Although tires and brakes are usually subject to routine wear-and-tear, it is important to always ensure that you won’t be dissatisfied with your braking system and handling. While some third-party sellers on the secondary market may attempt to pass off a more worn set of tires and brakes, used CR-V models here at Cambridge Centre Honda always have up-to-date maintenance done to ensure brakes and tires are healthy and ready for you right off the lot.


Check the Engine

The engine is obviously one of the most important aspects to monitor when test driving a new vehicle. Be sure to check the engine visually under the hood and scan for any oil leaks or any other visual indicators of damage. Also ensure that there is no creaking, groaning, rattling, or any other unusual noises both when idling and driving down the roads. Be sure to check the oil and coolant levels as well, to ensure you aren’t getting shortchanged by any potential seller.


Watch For Trouble Codes and Engine Lights

Always check to ensure that no engine warning lights are on or have been recently activated before purchasing your used Honda CR-V. This can easily be done by your dealership's service department, or vehicle information readers that can scan for error codes. Warning indicators and codes can be signs of serious internal issues and inevitable costs, so it’s important to check those out before committing to a vehicle. At Cambridge Centre Honda, we check all our used inventory for indicator lights and codes, and ensure that all issues are dealt with before putting our used inventory on the lot. If your current vehicle has warning lights, book a service appointment with us so our service team can take care of the issues as soon as possible.

Here at Cambridge Centre Honda, we have the used CR-V inventory for you to find exactly the model and specs you desire. Book your test drive here at our Cambridge Ontario location today to get started, and see why your next vehicle should be a used CR-V from Cambridge Centre Honda. Give us a call today, or fill out the convenient form below.