Buying a New or Used Vehicle


Should I buy a new or used vehicle? A question that many Canadians ask themselves when they’re looking for their next vehicle, as there are several factors to consider before making such an important financial decision. Now more than ever some decision factors may be more obvious than others, but we’ve decided to outline all the vital points you need to consider when deciding on a new or used vehicle. Certain factors that we’ll go over include your budget, performance, and reliability of the vehicle you're shopping for.

Consider Your Budget

As always when considering purchasing your next vehicle, you should consider the costs between owning a new or used vehicle model. As one would expect, newer vehicle models typically have higher upfront costs when compared to purchasing used models. The higher costs don’t necessarily stop at the price tag however, as insurance is also an important factor that affects your budget. Insurance is typically higher for newer models compared to older models of similar body style. Be sure to consider both these costs when vehicle shopping.

Make Sure It’s a Reliable Vehicle

An important factor when considering buying a vehicle is the lifespan it’s projected to have, based on it’s reliability. When you buy an unreliable used vehicle, perhaps a model with a history of higher-mileage issues, you may lose the money you saved on the upfront price tag by having to pay for mechanical work. That is why it’s extremely important to ensure that the vehicle you’re purchasing is a reliable vehicle, like the Honda Civic and CR-V models. Both the Civic and CR-V have been historically reliable vehicles, with a low overall maintenance cost compared to most vehicles on the market.

Determine the Utility and Performance You’re Looking For

As always when purchasing a vehicle, you should determine what you’re going to be using the vehicle for. If you’re simply commuting down the busy streets of Cambridge, Toronto and other busy Ontario cities, consider a sedan or compact vehicle like a Honda Civic. For more adventurous drivers that enjoy going on road trips and weekend getaways, perhaps a model like the CR-V is right for you. What’s great about these Honda models, is that when you buy them used, they are extremely reliable and affordable, making them extremely popular choices for used vehicle shoppers.

No matter what type of vehicle you choose to purchase, whether it’s new or used, Cambridge Centre Honda has the used vehicle inventory to suit your needs and budget. Book your test drive here at our Cambridge Ontario location today to get started, and see why your next vehicle should be from Cambridge Centre Honda. Give us a call today, or fill out the convenient form below.