Why Buy A Certified Used Honda

Why Buy A Honda Certified Used Vehicle

Honda Used Vehicles are highly sought after in the used car market, due to Honda’s strong reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability.

A Honda Certified Used Vehicle is taking one of those high in demand used Hondas, and through a series of strict Honda Canada mandated inspections & requirements, brings out the best in that car to maximize its value.

Honda Certified Used Vehicles aren’t just selected, they must earn that distinction.

6 Key Benefits You Will Enjoy


Honda Certified Used Vehicles comes standard with a 7 year/ 160,000km* factory-backed PowerTrain warranty, included at no additional charge.

Honda Certified Used Vehicles also has the option to upgrade their warranty to a Honda Plus Warranty at a discounted rate.

Please speak to a Financial Services Manager for more details.


Honda Certified Used Vehicles are offered special discounted finance rates from Honda Financial Services.

With the purchase of a certified pre-owned Honda, you also gain access to Honda financing options through Honda Financial Services. Check out our special finance offers on qualifying Honda certified used vehicles.


All Honda Certified Used Vehicles must undergo a thorough Honda Canada mandated 100-point mechanical and appearance inspection by Honda factory-trained technicians.

This bumper-to-bumper inspection is designed to help discovery any issues with the vehicle. Any issue identified is documented and repaired, or requisite parts replaced used ONLY Honda Genuine parts to help ensure it’s only of the finest quality.


Every Honda certified used vehicles offer a no-hassle 7 day/1,000 km exchange privilege.*

Although we’re confident that you will not need to take advantage of this benefit, we offer this to give you the peace of mind that if for any reason you are unhappy with your certified vehicle, you may exchange it for another Honda CUV model at the dealership.



A Vehicle History Report is an excellent tool to assist our dealers in qualifying their Used Honda vehicles for Certified status.

CarFax has real-time data access to provincial governments, private and public insurance agencies, and many other providers. With this data, our dealers have a clearer picture of the vehicle’s past and can better access it’s potential to be Certified. The Vehicle History Report may also reveal items that would disqualify the vehicle from Certified status, such as being in a major accident.

To help promote transparency for our Honda Certified Used Vehicles, the Vehicle History Report is provided for each vehicle.


As an owner of a Honda Certified Used Vehicle, you’re now part of the Honda family. One exclusive benefit is 24/7 access to the MyHonda site, which provides specific information on your vehicle.

You’ll get the latest news on Honda products, events, and deals, in addition to online access to warranty and extensive maintenance tips for your car.

*Neither Honda Canada Inc. nor any of its dealers will be required to accept return of a vehicle in certain circumstances including:
(1) if the delivery date of the vehicle was more than 7 days prior to the day on which the customer is seeking to return the vehicle;
(2) if the mileage on the vehicle at the time the customer is seeking to return the vehicle, is more than 1,000 km higher than at the time the vehicle was delivered to the customer; or
(3) if the vehicle is not returned in the condition in which it was delivered, including where the vehicle has sustained damage since the time of delivery or where wear and tear on the vehicle since the time of delivery is considered excessive.