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Summer Tires to Winter Tires Changeover

As soon as the temperature drops to 7 degrees celsius consistently you should consider changing over to winter tires in order to benefit from the increased traction, braking and handling they provide. Today’s winter tires are not only designed to perform in snowy conditions, but perform better on cold, dry pavement as well.

Considerations When Choosing Winter Tires:

  • Do you drive on icy or snowy roads?
  • Do you have to use your vehicle every day, regardless of the weather?
  • Do you drive off main streets and roads in the winter?
  • Do you drive early in the morning or late at night in the winter?

Take into consideration how much winter driving you do, your driving habits, local driving conditions, and the level of safety and performance you expect from your vehicle and its tires.

When choosing a winter tire our parts specialists are here to help you determine what kind of tires are best for your vehicle based on your driving habits.

Winter Tires to Summer Tires Changeover

When the snow melts and the temperatures rise, your winter tires will wear down more easily in temperatures above 7 degrees celsius and on bare pavement. With that in mind, be certain to book your tire changeover from your winter set to your all-season tires or summer tires. Call us today for a tire changeover appointment.

Should I Choose Summer Tires or All-Season Tires

  • All Season tires are versatile in various conditions, including mud and other adverse terrains. Thanks to their defined treads, all-seasons are a great idea for drivers needing a set that can handle anything other than snow and ice,
  • Summer tires are tailored for drivers who want to maximize the bare pavement, and get optimal performance from their car outside of the winter month. With simple and straight tread patterns, you'll enjoy superior handling and ride noise when utilizing a summer set of tires.

Are Your Tires Already on Rims?

Visit our Express Service without an appointment to have the tires on your vehicle swapped at any time. Our technicians will also provide a complimentary re-torque of your wheels 50-100km after your tire change to ensure your safety and the integrity of your wheels. Call us today to get started.