Get the Most Value For Your Vehicle at Cambridge Centre Honda

To reduce the costs of getting into your next Honda vehicle, you may want to consider trading in your current one! Trading in your current vehicle not only helps you put money towards your next vehicle, but also removes the hassle of having to sell the vehicle yourself. If you do wish to trade in your current sedan or SUV, we at Cambridge Centre Honda want you to get the best possible value for your vehicle. That is why we have created this handy list of tips and advice that you can easily follow to maximize the value of your trade-in. When you feel your vehicle is ready for appraisal, give us a call or check out our online appraisal form to get started!

How to Increase My Trade-In Value

When you want to get the absolute best value possible for your used vehicle, it’s important to follow all these tips to get the maximum return at the appraisal.

Keep It Clean

As simple of advice one can possibly give, as no one likes a dirty car. It costs time and money for dealerships to clean and detail trade-in vehicles, which in turn leads to a lower value for your vehicle at appraisal time. A simple vacuum clean and wipedown of the interior, clearing it of dirt and personal belongings and garbage can go a long way in helping the value of your car. For the best clean you can possibly get for your car, consider a detailing package to handle the tough cleaning challenges.

Fix Minor Issues

For the simple issues that may not seem significant to you, they can lead to significant reduction in value appraisal down the road. That is why it is crucial to take care of minor issues to the best of your ability before appraisal. Simple fixes like touching up rock chips with a paint pen, getting windshield chips filled, or replacing burnt-out lights can go a long way in retaining value in your trade-in.

Include Accessories

You may have additional features and accessories that would be desirable to include with your vehicle at appraisal time, that can lead to higher value for you towards your next Honda. Be sure to add any additional features to your vehicle, such as accessorized body appearance or interior features, or even a set of extra tires can add value. Be sure to consult with our appraisal team to see if the accessories you have are worth including in your trade-in.

Provide All Prior Documents

It’s good practice to keep track of all prior documents regarding your vehicle’s history, including maintenance and service work done. Having a comprehensive collection of maintenance history can allow for a clearer picture to be made about the vehicle’s history, and if any component has been repaired or replaced recently. Overall, the inclusion of maintenance documentation can lead to a more accurate valuation at appraisal, so be sure to include these when you decide to trade-in your vehicle!

Trade-In Appraisal

After you’ve taken all these steps into account, be sure to visit us at Cambridge Centre Honda whenever you’re ready to have your vehicle appraised, and we’ll take care of the rest! We’re committed to providing you with the fairest and market-appropriate valuation for your vehicle, so be sure to fill out our convenient appraisal form today to get started! Our team will be in contact with you shortly to confirm all the information and schedule your appointment at our Cambridge Ontario dealership.