For those who have lived in the Cambridge area for an extended period of time, you'll be familiar with the wide range of road conditions we experience. Intense rainfalls to frosted snow, and ice, are some of the adverse conditions you’ll have to drive through. The constantly changing weather conditions have an influence on how you drive, so you'll need a pair of winter tires to keep you safe at all times. Read on to learn more about the significance of winter tires, and then visit Cambridge Centre Honda to have us assist you in finding the best pair of tires that will pull you through hazardous winter conditions.

Why You Need Winter Tires

We can’t emphasize the importance of winter tires enough, because they're the only element of your car that makes contact with the road. This is especially true in the cold season when the unique tread and rubber compositions featured in winter tires help you hold onto the road even when the weather isn't ideal. Winter tires also make the streets safer for everybody on it, and help keep your car out of the body shop for collisions.

How Winter Tires Work

Winter tires improve braking distance and control by utilizing different rubber compositions to maintain cold-weather integrity, and tread patterns to cut through and push away sush, water, and snow. Winter tire treads also contain slits that provide more surface area when in contact with the roads, improving grip and traction.

When You Should Change Your Tires

While you would think that the optimum time to put on your winter tires is when the first snowflakes fall, the truth is that you should do it much earlier. As all-season and performance tires are constructed of a different rubberized coating than winter tires, they begin to harden and start losing elasticity at 7 degrees celsius. As a result, when Fall arrives and the temperature drops early in the morning, your tires aren't operating at their peak levels.

While we acknowledge this may seem costly upfront, the immediate safety benefits, plus long-term durability of two sets vs just one set, make having a winter set and summer set of tires a better long-term value proposition!

Only Two Winter Tires Aren’t Good Enough

You would think that whether your car has front- or rear-wheel drive, you might get away with simply two winter tires for the proper axle. Purchasing a full set of winter tires accomplishes two goals: first, and most significantly, it ensures the most secure driving experience. The capability to grip the ground and turn will be reduced if winter tires are only on two wheels. Secondly, your other tires may deteriorate over time disproportionately, potentially causing aligning difficulties as well as a reduction in fuel efficiency. That is why it is critical to ensure your vehicle is equipped with a full set of proper winter tires once the season begins to change.

Get Your Winter Tires from Cambridge Centre Honda Today

This winter season, invest in your safety by purchasing a pair of winter-specific tires and enjoy all the benefits of increased handling, improved fuel efficiency, and an overall improved drive. Visit Cambridge Centre Honda now, or contact us to talk with a member of our staff about the best winter tires for your Honda vehicle.