2021 Honda Civic vs. The Competition

By every account, the 2021 Honda Civic stands head-and-shoulders above the competitors in its class. The Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai Elantra are all comparable vehicles to the Honda Civic but fail to surpass the Civic in terms of major categories such as quality, performance, and technology.

The Civic Advantages

Fuel Efficiency

The 2021 Honda Civic boasts superior fuel efficiency when compared against other vehicles in its class. With a standard efficiency of 7.1 Litres per 100KM, you can cruise past the pumps more often than not. While it’s competition is busy making fuel stops, the Civic will get you to where you want to go, faster.

Fuel Economy Specifications

Vehicle City Highway Combined
2021 Honda Civic EX Sedan 7.9L / 100km 6.1L / 100km 7.1L / 100km
2021 Hyundai Elantra Essential 9.1L / 100km 6.3L / 100km 7.8L / 100km
2021 Nissan Sentra SV 8L / 100km 6L / 100km 7.1L / 100km
2021 Toyota Corolla XLE CVT 8.1L / 100km 6.3L / 100km 7.3L / 100km



With up to 174 horsepower, the Honda Civic features an available 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter turbocharged engine on the Touring trim that gives it zip and pace to get you where you want to go quickly and efficiently. Combined with its Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the performance factor of the 2021 Civic keeps it in first place ahead of the competition.

Performance Specifications

Vehicle Engine Transmission Horsepower @ RPM
2021 Honda Civic EX Sedan 4-Cylinder 2.0L CVT 158 @ 6000
2021 Hyundai Elantra Essential 4-Cylinder 2.0L IVT 147 @ 6200
2021 Nissan Sentra SV 4-Cylinder 2.0L CVT 149 @ 6400
2021 Toyota Corolla XLE CVT 4-Cylinder 1.8L CVT 139 @ 6100


The 2021 Honda Civic isn’t short of safety features that make it one of the safest and reliable vehicles in its class. One great safety feature that elevates the Civic above the pack is the Road Departure Mitigation System, which can also provide steering assistance when it detects you’ve crossed over the lane lines without signalling. The competition can’t offer that level of safety.

Safety Specifications

Vehicle Road Departure Mitigation System w/ Driver Assist Next Generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure Electronic Brake Force Distribution
2021 Honda Civic EX Sedan Standard Standard Standard
2021 Hyundai Elantra Essential Available N/A N/A
2021 Nissan Sentra SV Available N/A N/A
2021 Toyota Corolla XLE CVT Standard N/A N/A


Enjoy smarter entry and exits from your 2021 Civic with Walk Away Auto-Lock, providing you the ultimate convenience when entering and exiting your vehicle. Having to push a button to lock/unlock is now a thing of the past with the Honda Civic, and it’s competition needs to get with the times.

Convenience Specifications

Vehicle Walk-Away Auto Lock One-Touch Power Moonroof Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
2021 Honda Civic EX Sedan Standard Standard Standard
2021 Hyundai Elantra Essential Available Available Available
2021 Nissan Sentra SV Not Available Available  Available
2021 Toyota Corolla XLE CVT Standard Available Standard


The Civic comes with an available 8-speaker sound system, providing best-in-class audio experiences for its occupants. The 8-speaker system is far superior to the 6-speaker systems of its competition, letting you listen to your music, radio, or phone calls in higher quality.

Sound Specifications

Vehicle Speakers
2021 Honda Civic EX Sedan 8
2021 Hyundai Elantra Essential 6
2021 Nissan Sentra SV 6
2021 Toyota Corolla XLE CVT 6


With an available 8-way adjustable drivers seat, the Civic is guaranteed to be the most customizable and comfortable seat for drivers, making it easier on these longer road trips. This available adjustment system goes beyond what is available to competitors.

Seating Specifications

Vehicle 8-Way Adjustable Power Driver Seat
2021 Honda Civic EX Sedan Standard
2021 Hyundai Elantra Essential Available
2021 Nissan Sentra SV Available
2021 Toyota Corolla XLE CVT Available

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