Take Everything (and Everyone) With You in the 2024 Honda Odyssey

A 2024 Honda Odyssey on the road.

How Much Room is In the 2024 Honda Odyssey?

The minivan remains one of the easiest ways to move people and things in the passenger vehicle segment. At the top of that class sits the 2024 Honda Odyssey with its cavernous interior, strong performance and the latest connectivity technology. Today, we’re here to discuss how much room is in the 2024 Honda Odyssey because it’s among the most important factors to anyone in the buying process for this type of vehicle. Let’s take a closer look.

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2024 Odyssey Passenger Space

Like previous versions of the popular minivan, the 2024 Honda Odyssey offers three rows of seating that can hold up to eight people comfortably and securely. All three available trim grades (EX-L, Touring and Black Edition) are equipped with the automaker’s convenient Magic Slide seats in both rear rows. 

Legroom is going to be another important metric for people interested in the latest Odyssey model. When properly configured, the 2024 Honda Odyssey can offer up to 1,040 mm for the driver and front passenger; 1,038 mm to those in the second row, and up to 967 for third-row passengers.

Cargo Volume 2024 Honda Odyssey

Having all of that interior space for passengers means that hauling cargo in the 2024 Odyssey is incredibly convenient. When the latest Honda minivan is filled with people, there is still 929 litres of cargo volume. Folding the third row down makes 2,452 litres available, and when the interior is configured maximum cargo-hauling capacity, there is 3,984 litres to use. This ranks as much or more than the amount of cargo volume available in other three-row platforms, like SUVs.

Can the 2024 Odyssey be Used for Towing?

The cargo-hauling capability available with the 2024 Honda Odyssey isn’t limited to what can be hauled inside the vehicle. When the latest version of the Honda minivan is properly equipped, it can tow up to 1,587 kg (3,500 lbs.). 

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