Learn How Honda Hybrids and EVs are Different

A Honda Prologue charging at a charging station.

How are Honda Hybrids and EVs different?

Improving fuel economy has long been one of highest priorities for Honda vehicles. In the last decade, or so, our manufacturing partner has made huge investments in decreasing fuel usage by introducing a broad range of hybrid models to the lineup. These model include some of the automaker’s most popular, including the Accord sedan and CR-V crossover SUV. For the new model year, Honda is taking the next step by introducing the Prologue SUV, the first pure EV. Let’s take a closer look at how Honda hybrids and EVs are different. 

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How Do Honda Hybrid Vehicles Work?

Hybrid technology has been around for a while and it’s very effective and reliable. Basically, an electric motor is placed on the drivetrain to assist the gasoline engine in precise situations. The effect is that the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine doesn’t have to work as hard, which leads to increased fuel economy. Some hybrids can travel short distances without ever engaging the gas engine.

How Does a Honda Electric Vehicle Work?

The main difference between a Honda hybrid vehicle and an all-electric platform is the notable absence of the traditional internal combustion engine. In its place is a powerful electric motor powered by a high-capacity battery pack that is placed under the floor. That means no more stopping at the gas station to fill up the gas tank. EVs like the Prologue can travel hundreds of kilometres on a single charge. If an owner choose to have charging equipment installed at their home, they are unlikely to ever need to stop anywhere to replenish the battery. 

Which is Better, a Hybrid or EV?

Both technologies are well-developed and have practical uses for the right owner. If someone plans on driving long distances regularly, a hybrid might be the better choice. An EV platform is great for people who have a pretty set route and return home each day. 

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