Written by: Greg Rasa

Jun 15th 2017 at 6:01PM


2017 Honda Civic Type R VIN 1


We told you a few days ago that the first US Honda Civic Type R was going to be auctioned online at Bring-a-Trailer. Two days later, we reported that the bidding had already hit $200,000 – and noted that it was a curious strategy to drop such a big bid so early in an auction. Well, maybe it wasn’t: Apparently it drove all the other bidders away, as $200,000 takes the car.

That’s a handsome sum for a car with a base MSRP of $34,775. But this isn’t just any Honda Civic, nor any Type R. It’s the first one to enter the US, with VIN No. 01, in an Aegean Blue paint that oh-so-smartly complements its red Type R badging. Above all, the proceeds benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. And even though no one could outbid the as-yet-unnamed lucky winner, people are making contributions to the foundation nonetheless as a result of the auction.