2022 Honda Civic vs 2022 Toyota Corolla Comparison

The 2022 Honda Civic is the latest model year entry in the compact-car market, sharing the top spot in this segment with the Toyota Corolla over the years. Despite the growing popularity of SUVs, Canadians continue to love their smaller sedans, which is why Honda has totally redesigned and updated the Civic for the 2022. To compare the top of the small-car vehicle class, we’ve put the best of the 2022 Civic against the best of the latest Toyota Corolla, to show which model is the superior compact vehicle for life here in Cambridge, Ontario. Read on to see why the Civic reigns superior as the best compact car in Canada, and find yours, today, here at Cambridge Centre Honda.

What Makes the Civic Better than the Corolla?



The interior of the 2022 Civic Sedan is the primary factor of why it dominates the Corolla, especially when everyone is loaded in the vehicle. The Civic provides exceptional interior space, with better ergonomics, topped off with a premium look and feel. Cupholders, chargers, and controls are easily located thanks to the redesigned interior console and dashboard layout, while everything you can manipulate in the Civic Touring’s interior feels like it’s borrowed from a more expensive car. Lastly, the sightlines in the Civic are far superior than the Corolla, with clearer fields of vision from all angles, for both driver and passengers, leading to a more immersive driving experience for everyone.


Safety & Technology

The 2022 Civic Touring features not only more advanced technology than the 2022 Corolla XSE, but more smartly-integrated technology. From USB ports, to the wireless charging pad, everything in the Civic is smartly positioned to maximize available space, while ensuring that everything is easy to access without feeling cluttered. The Civic offers more advanced safety than the Corolla as well, while the Corolla offers the typical lane keeping assist systems that have been around for years, the 2022 Civic offers driver assist more akin to Tesla. The system not only displays all the vehicles around you right on the instrument cluster, it also helps keep you centered in your lane and assists your steering.


While the Corolla offers an exceptional driving experience, the Civic drives and handles even better. Featuring a smarter transmission, which automatically revs up the engine to help slow you down when going down big hills, it’s a key factor into why the Civic feels like a better drive when compared to the Corolla. For the hard instrumental numbers, the 2022 Honda Civic accelerates from 0-100km/h faster than the Corolla.


The Civic runs away from the competition when comparing it against its main rival. Here’s the breakdown of the highlights between the two compact-vehicle models:

2nd Place: 2022 Toyota Corolla XSE

Pros: Strong Brakes, Solid Handling, Comfy Front Seats

Cons: Tight Interior, Sub-par ergonomics, Road Noise

1st Place: 2022 Honda Civic Touring

Pros: Well-Built Chassis, Stellar Interior Packaging + Materials, Elevated Performance

Cons: Road Noise, Sensitive Blind-Spot Warning 

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