This is our third Honda purchased from Cambridge Centre Honda in the past 4 years! My parents bought a 2010 CR-V and a 2014 Civic, and most recently I bought a 2015 Fit.

Tess Arpa is a fabulous saleswoman who doesn’t use the forceful salespeople tactics found so commonly in car sales. She knows her stuff, takes the time, is always there to help, is so friendly and inviting and doesn’t ever pressure. Tess guided me through the process of buying my first car with an exemplary level of professionalism, and even went the extra mile getting a bouquet of flowers and a ‘Congrats’ balloon for when I picked up my car!! Paul Elias did a wonderful job handling the financial side. He took the time to explain every dollar figure so the complex documents were clear and made sense.

Cambridge Centre Honda proved their commitment to customer satisfaction when my vehicle arrived at the dealership and they noticed it had a paint defect. Tess phoned me right away, told me exactly what the issue was and went through my options.They said they could send it to be fixed, but I wasn’t satisfied with having to do a repair on a brand new vehicle so they offered to have a completely different vehicle brought in for me. Paul took care of switching the licensing and changing all the paperwork to reflect the new VIN, and Tess was able to arrange for the service department to have the car ready for me, including having winter tires put on, in a very timely manner with short notice. It could have turned into a big head ache, but CCH handled it all so it was stress-free for me.

I recommend Tess Arpa and Cambridge Centre Honda to everyone!!