Oh thank you ever so much for the follow up, I really wasn’t expecting it.

Well I also wanted you to know that I took the time to read up on the ratings and the many comments from the web site pertaining to your dealership and I must say that I was so relieved to know that my drive from down town Toronto all the way to Cambridge Honda was all worth it.

The many great comments really and truly are reflected in the amazing experience I had with your dealership. Mike (your Financial Service Manager) was a real treat. He’s just amazing and will be remembered if I should purchase another vehicle in the near future?please give him my regards?, however I must say that I would highly and proudly recommend anyone seeking to purchase a new vehicle to Cambridge Honda?thank you so much, and I do look forward to doing future business with you again or better yet look forward to recommending friends and family to your dealership?unfortunately I live so far away from you, therefore the very small up-keeps such as oil change etc. may be a bit out of my way for the drive to Cambridge, however you can truly count on me to consider you first should I require any in depth service required in the future?The tire manager was also amazing for taking in my car last minute just before closing to get the specialize air in my tires, this is exactly what I am talking about, when I said your service is truly exceptional?The service adviser (Carolyn-last Thursday evening) was also remarkable, she knows her job very well and have all the information to the many questions I had while waiting on my car..Great company and person to talk with, the time went by so fast.

I could go on and on, however I think enough said, and it is quite clear how amazed I was with not only the purchase, but the exceptional service and people who works at Cambridge Honda