On May 8th, 2013, I dropped into the dealership in the evening. A pre-owned CRV vehicle had just arrived at the dealership earlier that day. I had been looking to replace my wife’s vehicle for a few months and with Mother’s Day just around the corner I thought this was the right time to move into a newer vehicle. I negotiated a deal that fit my budget and left me with a smile. There was a problem on Saturday when we went to finalize the purchase. The vehicle had not been detailed and was not ready to go out the door. We left without our CRV. What happened after that is where my experience took on new life. On Monday I received a call that the car was ready to go and that the dealership had a few little gifts to go along with an apology for the unexpected delay. Well I was totally blown away with the CRV, it looked like a new vehicle. I was given significant gifts including free gas, large discount on our next ‘B’ servicing and travel accommodations. The dealership stepped up to the plate and not only set things right but made sure that I was more than just satisfied. Indeed I am more than satisfied. The Team at Cambridge Centre Honda have my respect and more importantly, my business for good. Thank you Tess, Manny and Tony! I look forward to dealing with you folk on my next vehicle purchase. This is definitely the dealership I want to be involved with. Wishing you all the best