I am writing to express my appreciation for the remarkable service that I have received from Cambridge Centre Honda. Perhaps the circumstances in which I found myself were exceptional, but nevertheless the assistance and advice that I received from your service department were truly outstanding. My Honda Civic Hybrid is now almost 10 years old. One day in February I noticed a new warning light on my dashboard. “IMA” was flashing. I immediately took the car to your service people, only to be told that the special battery pack that drives the hybrid feature had to be replaced. Since my car had traveled less than 120,000 km, I was advised to contact Honda Canada to determine whether special consideration could be given to replacement of the batteries. (Original warranty was for 8 years or 250,000 km.) With the advice and support of your service experts ? particularly Caroline Dumoulin and Ian – Honda Canada agreed, and has replaced both the battery package and the communicator device that links the batteries to the power train. The only expense for me was the labor involved in installing and testing the new components. Thus, I now have what is essentially a new car and one which I intend to drive for many more years. I have no doubt that it will serve me as well in the coming ten years as it has in the last ten. My sincere thanks to Honda Canada and to the service experts at Cambridge Centre Honda.