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Q. There are many places to choose to service my vehicle, what sets you apart from other shops?

A.Cambridge Centre Honda Service Department Features

  • Oil Changes without an appointment Saturday and evening service hours
  • Complimentary "Know Your Vehicle Report"
  • Shuttle service in Cambridge, K-W & area(please check for availability and hours in these locations)
  • Customer loaner vehicles available
  • Our parts and accessory department works in a very tight partnership with our service and sales departments. You can learn more by clicking on the PARTS page.
Q. After I request a service appointment on-line, what happens next?

A.When you use our online form to request your next service appointment. We stand by to answer your questions and get you in the door as quickly as possible. Upon submitting your information we will:

  • Respond to you promptly during business hours Monday-Friday to confirm your request via your preferred contact method.
  • Ask any additional questions required to service your vehicle.
  • Confirm your appointment.
Q. How long after I submit my request can I expect to hear from somebody from Cambridge Centre Honda?

A. We are able to respond to your request during the following hours:

Monday, Thursday and Friday- 9:00am-5:00pm

Tuesday and Wednesday-9:00am-8:00pm

Q. Is my vehicle booked into the shop once I request an appointment?

A. No, we are here to confirm your appointment time and date and will provide you with a confirmation. In the case were you require immediate assistance, please contact us by telephone.

Q. What can I expect at my appointment time?

A. The appointment time is the time you will check your vehicle in with the service adviser. Your vehicle goes into rotation and will be attended to when the next technician becomes available.

Q. What can you tell me about your service shop?

A. Our service department is the cornerstone of our dealerships success. We are happy to service the many customers of the Waterloo region, whether you are from Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Brantford or Cambridge. Our factory-trained technicians are skilled in diagnostics, electrical repairs, timing belts, as well as brake, tire, transmission and engine repairs. Customers often call us with a check engine light on. We can help you deal with any problems quickly and efficiently, thanks to the latest tools, technologies, information and service manuals for all Honda vehicles.

Customer service is our top priority. During evening and weekend service hours, we provide a shuttle service, rental vehicles based on availability and quick oil changes.

We perform warranty repairs on behalf of Honda Canada and other warranty companies, but we perform Honda maintenance service above all. In addition to servicing Honda vehicles, our experienced technicians can also service the following manufacturers: Acura, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, KIA, Ford and so much more.

Q. What can car owners do to maximize their trade-in value?

A. Whether you are bringing your car to the dealership to trade it in or planning your current car purchase with the intention to trade up in a short time, there are ways to maximize the true value of your vehicle.

1. Keep a clean, accident-free car history. This may be easier said than done, though its results are tested and true. Vehicles that have a clean CarProof history command a higher resale value. It’s quite simple, actually. Picture yourself presented with two identical vehicles to choose from. One has a clean history and the other has an accident on record, though minor. Which one would you choose? It will be the accident-free car every time. That doesn’t mean having an accident on record makes your vehicle worthless but it can affect the trade-in value of your car. Dealers have to resell your trade and are obligated to inform buyers of any accident history so you shouldn’t expect the same value as if your car has a clean CarProof report. The easiest way to maintain a clean CarProof history is to drive responsibly. Don’t take unnecessary risks driving in inclement weather, and be aware of your surroundings. You can’t control how others drive but you can minimize the potential for accidents with some caution on your part.

2. Get an automatic transmission. Unless your vehicle is a high-performance model or a specialty vehicle of some sort, an automatic transmission commands the higher resale value. A report by explains that manual transmissions account for only four percent of vehicle sales. Though they may be less expensive to purchase initially, manual transmissions don’t have as large a market for buyers, meaning less appeal for a dealership to have it on their used car lot.

3. Always buy with the intention on resale. There are always several option packages and colour choices when you buy a car and it can be really tough to choose the right one for your immediate needs. You should always buy a vehicle so that it fits your current lifestyle, but consider its future appeal when you do. If you don’t require air conditioning to be comfortable when you’re driving, you’ll still want to get a new car with air conditioning. Cars without A/C are a hard sell and their trade value reflects their lack of market appeal. The same goes for trim packages. The higher the trim package, generally the higher the trade value. More luxurious and well-appointed vehicles are naturally more appealing to buyers so you can expect a higher trade-in value as a result. Bold, bright colours are by far less popular than more neutral colours and it can be quite a challenge to find a buyer for your yellow, bright green, or powder-blue car. Stick with standard colour choices for the best trade value. The key point here is to consider your vehicle’s future appeal to prospective buyers when you are purchasing your new car.

4. Keep your vehicle in good working order. Though it goes without saying, if there are mechanical problems with your car the trade-in value will be affected. In particular, obvious issues like an illuminated Check Engine light, clunky, rattling suspension, and a poorly-shifting transmission will immediately set off alarms in your vehicle appraiser’s head at the dealership.

Your car doesn’t have to be in absolutely perfect shape (though it helps). It’s expected that your trade-in will require some type of repair or maintenance before it can be resold. After all, it is a used vehicle! When your car is appraised for a trade-in, it’s being checked for appeal and expensive issues that could cut deep into the dealership’s potential profit.

5. Don’t smoke in your vehicle. One of the simplest ways to destroy your car’s resale value is to smoke inside it. Whether cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or ‘alternative’ substances, the smell is incredibly difficult to remove and people with sensitivities or allergies to smoke can react to even trace amounts. It’s costly for the dealership to try to remove the smoke smell and even then it doesn’t always come out like new. Buyers are less likely to buy a smoker’s car in excellent condition than one slightly worse for wear but clean and smoke-free.

Customer Reviews

We are committed to making you a long-lasting customer and friend

  • Jenessa VanRooyen

    Cambridge Centre Honda was a perfect place to buy our van. Each team member that we met with was quick, professional, honest and we felt that they were listening to what we needed. We got the best price on our trade in and they worked quickly to get the best price for us. We appreciated how they worked. We highly recommend them to anyone, great [...]

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  • Rascle

    I bought my first brand new car here. Mark my sales associate was great and has become a friend of mine. Everyone that I delt with here was exceptional! They treat you like family which is awesome! Not enough good words to describe the wonderful staff here. Would absolutely buy another car here.

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  • Rachael Schaefer

    Cambridge Centre Honda made buying a car much easier. My husband and I had not planned to buy a new vehicle, but had to. We dealt with Mark in sales and he was very informative and helpful. When we decided on a vehicle, Colin finalized all the paper work. We had to wait a week for our car, but Colin was always available to answer any questions and got [...]

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  • Codi Forrest

    Purchasing my 2012 Civic EX from Cambridge Centre Honda was a great experience. It was a low-pressure environment and they were more than welcoming when I asked if I could have my mechanic inspect it. Kevin MacKenzie was very helpful and informative throughout the entire buying process. I would highly recommend visiting Cambridge Centre Honda if you're [...]

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  • Barb DaTerra

    Best experience we have had purchasing a new car. Fair trade in allowance without having to arm wrestle the new car manager. Marci, Colin and Tanja were very friendly and easy to deal with. We have heard only good things about the service department and look forward to meeting the people on that end of the dealership.

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